Requirements for Teens

You must have all of the following with you when you road test:

  • Certificate of Completion of TEEN Driver Education Course (Driver License Portion) or Certification of Completion of a Online or Parent Taught course.
  • Impact Texas Teen Drivers Certificate (This certificate will expire after 90 days)
  • Completed and signed 30 hour log.
  • If using your own vehicle: Valid Insurance Card, registration and a vehicle capable of passing inspection. Car used for the test must have a current registration sticker on the windshield and proper license plates on the car.  It is state law that a car registered in the state of Texas MUST have a metal front and back license plate ON the exterior of the car unless there is a valid Texas Buyer’s paper plate for a recently purchased vehicle. Proof of valid, unexpired automobile liability insurance for the car being used for test.  The Texas Liability card must be brought with the documents for check in.  We cannot accept an electronic or digital copy.
  • Legal Guardian or Parent must be present during the test
  • Valid Texas Learner License. We cannot test prior to the 6 month date listed on the reverse side of permit
  • Be between the ages of 16 – 24
  • Top Professional Driving School provides road testing, but only the Texas Department of Pubic Safety can issue a drivers license. Once you test, You will still need to take a picture at the DPS to actually have a Texas Drivers License.
  • For The DPS: You will also need a new V.O.E. from your high school Attendance Office. We do not require this at Top Professional Driving School, but you will need this at the Texas Department of Public Safety. to get your License. You should also have proof of residency and your social security card.


Prior to road testing with us or the DPS, State of Texas Law Requires ALL ages must watch the appropriate video. The certificate of completion must be presented within 90 days to the Texas DPS Certified Road Test Examiner before a road test can be given. If you are 25 or older please watch the 18 to 24 year old video, the 25 and older video is still in production so  the 18 to 24 year old video will count until the 25 and older  is released.

If you are under 18 OR have completed a Teen, online, or parent taught driver ed program (even if you are 18 or older) you must watch the Teen Impact Video.

Click the image to view the video: