Our Teen Programs

To get started, you must select a class you wish to attend, register and pay online. Once you make payment you will be emailed detailed instructions on how to join the Live Stream.


Our Complete Teen Driving Program

Our Complete Teen Driving School program includes:

Standard Teen Package

Students must be 14 years old to enroll in Classroom Students must be 15 years old to obtain a learner’s permit for In-Car training. All programs include minimum of:-

  • 32 Hours of Classroom Instructions (16- 2 hours per day sessions)
  • 7 Hours of In-Car Driver (behind the wheel) Training
  • 7 Hours of In-Car Observation
  • Permit testing (rules and signs)
  • 10% Savings on auto insurance premiums (approximately)
    Flexible schedules
  • *The Official Department of Public Safety TPST Road Test.

*All at No Additional Cost.

Classroom Only Option

32 Hours of Classroom with Permit Test

  • Does Not Include in car instructor or Road test
  • Teens from anywhere in Texas may enroll

What you need to know about this program:

My teenager has completed the classroom instruction at a driving school. What do I have to do to teach just the in-car instruction?

  • Upon completion of the 32 hours of classroom Drive Smart will transfer the classroom hours to you, the instructor of the parent-taught course.
  • The State of Texas requires that YOU MUST Purchase a Parent Taught Driver Education In-car Only Course from any one of the Parent Taught course providers who offer that specific course.
  • Complete all 44 hours of driving requirements

Once the Parent Taught Driver Education course is complete, you will be issued a Texas driver education certificate of completion (DE-964) from the Parent Taught program you selected. You must take the certificate to the Department of Public Safety along with the documentation transferred to you from Drive Smart Driving School showing successful completion of the classroom phase.


Complete Teen Driving School program

As low as $500.00

  • You may start with a $250 down payment
  • Includes: Permit Test, Classroom, Driving, and road test.
Classroom Only with Permit test